Randolph Police Department   Massachusetts 


41 South Main Street

Randolph Ma 02368

Phone: 781-963-1212

Fax: 781-961-0968




Randolph Honor Guard


Randolph Police Lieutenants 197O's

John Condlin, Frank Frederickson, Frank Fahey, William McSweeney

DOVE ( Domestic Violence Ended)

The domestic violence shelter and resource center for Randolph, along with the Quincy Police Department and Randolph Police Department applied for and received a grant from the U.S. Department of Justice of Violence Against Women. The grant provides funding for a full time victim advocate hired by "Dove".

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New Appointed

Police Chief


July 01, 2010

William Pace, a 20-year veteran of the Randolph police, will be the next chief of the department.

A Randolph resident, Pace was appointed a patrolman in 1990. He was promoted to detective in 1996, and became a detective sergeant in 2003.

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inclement weather and the need for plow vehicles to clear the roads for emergency vehicles and general traffic.  At the beginning of the winter season warnings are placed on vehicles reminding residents that the winter season is upon us and their vehicles need to be off of the public ways of the town.  Citations are then issued to those vehicles parked overnight and vehicles may be towed depending on the circumstances.  The tow fee is to be paid by the vehicle owner based on towing fees set by the state of Massachusetts.




Randolph Police Chaplin

Rev. Leland Clarke


Sgt. John Condlin and (then) Lt. Ralph Condlin.  John Rose to Lt. and Ralph Rose to Chief.





Detective Michael Tuitt





Yellow Advisory